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Lead Institution: Swansea College

Timescales: May 2006 - June 2007

Project website:

Aims and Objectives: The key aim of the project is to implement and evaluate tools and systems that support Design for Learning within post-16 education. This will be achieved by embedding existing tools – i.e. LAMS and Moodle – within teaching and learning in all partner institutions. Within the curriculum areas, it is envisaged that the ILT Champions’ network, after training, will be the main conduit for implementation and evaluation and will subsequently be in a position to train other practitioners. For the area of student induction the LRC staff will receive training and develop exemplars for use within induction. It is envisaged that these will be tested in at least two FE colleges for their effectiveness and reusability. Outcomes of the project will be disseminated among all FE institutions nationally. The process will involve, for the purposes of this project, practitioner and learner evaluation to establish the quality of the project deliverables. A key outcome of the project will be a bank of exemplars that will illustrate best practice in the use of Learning Design tools. We intend to work closely with the Support Project in making Learning Designs generated through the project available for sharing and re-use between projects and wider community.

Project Manager: Kate Pearce

Project Team:

Angelo Conti, Kate Pearce, Graham Ashman, Kristian Besley, Priscilla Dawson, Angelo Dixon, Mike Williams, Chris Jones