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Lead Institution: University of Bolton

Project website: http://dfl.cetis.ac.uk



The support project underpins the design for learning projects and plays a key role in linking together the projects and synthesising and sharing key outcomes. The key deliverable of the support project is to develop an accessible resource or gateway to learning designs for use by the projects and by users of the project outcomes. The project runs for the lifetime of the funded projects i.e. for two years.


The objectives of the support project are:

  • Provide pedagogic and technical support to all projects in the Design for Learning Programme;
  • Support the implementing and evaluating learning design tools project teams by providing : (a) hosting and/or searching services for learning designs and sequences and (b) opportunities for sharing and re-use of designs and sequences;
  • Provide and support a common means of accessing and re-using learning designs and exemplars that emerge from the Programme;
  • Identify other projects within the UK post-16 and higher education sector, that are producing learning designs and exemplars, and investigate the feasibility of providing access to these;
  • Identify other organisations with the UK post-16 and higher education with services and resources in this area, and investigate the feasibility of sharing and re-using learning designs across these services;
  • Identify requirements for a sustainable learning design hosting service for the UK post-16 and higher education sectors to enable sharing and re-use of learning designs;
  • Develop a sustainability strategy for the Programme

Overall Approach

The project will support the programme through a series of community events, direct project support and online facilities. It will also investigate hosting and/or searching services for learning designs and exemplars for the Programme. A sustainability report and recommendations will be provided at the end of the funded programme period.
If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch.

Contact Details

Technical Queries: Sam Easterby-Smith - se5@bolton.ac.uk

Programme Support contact:
Lisa Corley - l.corley@bolton.ac.uk (main contact)
Mark Power - m.power@bolton.ac.uk
Sheila MacNeill - s.macneill@strath.ac.uk