Constructing 2Learn

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Lead Institution: University of Oxford - LTG

Timescales: 01/05/2006 – 31/10/2007

Project website: Constructing2Learn

Aims and Objectives:

  • The project will explore the promising area of simulations and games in the context of designs for learning.
  • The project will explore learning designs in which learners collaboratively construct computational objects.
  • The project will further develop the open source LAMS Activity Management engine to explore areas that have been highlighted by practitioners as important: conditional workflow and the integration of news tools or services.
  • The dissemination and workshop project activities will enable practitioners from around the UK to engage with this area of research.
  • The focus of prototyping tools that support design for learning at Oxford will enable a better understanding of the relevance of software in this domain at Higher Education level.

Project Manager Ken Kahn (Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University Computer Services)

Project Team

  • Howard Noble and Liz Masterman (Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University Computer Services)
  • Advisory panel: Diana Laurillard and Richard Noss (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education); James Dalziel and Ernie Ghiglione (LAMS International); Stuart Lee (Oxford University Computer Services)

Any other information

The project website (listed above) is a Wiki that we using to document the evolving design, project meetings, scenarios, and much more.