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Lead Institution: Ravensbourne College

Timescales: 24/04/06 - 26/10/07

Project website:

Aims and Objectives:

The project aims are to develop, implement and evaluate an institutional programme to:

  • Establish best practice in developing blended elearning designs for practice-based education;
  • Pilot offline tools for implementing and participating in these designs;
  • Evaluate and implement an open-source blogging system linked to Moodle;
  • Provide a community-reviewable online resource to help learning designers embed good practice;
  • Provide learning designers with effective training in tool-use;
  • Evaluate the practice model, tool use, and learning designs, and make recommendations on their adoption and use;
  • Disseminate the results.

The project objectives are to achieve:

  • A collection of exemplars, case studies, and model learning designs;
  • An integrated blogging/VLE service;
  • A project wiki as a knowledge base and community resource for best practice;
  • Practitioner workshops to promote effective techniques and designs;
  • A documented trial of learning designs in practical use;
  • An evaluation report;
  • A series of disseminations on tools, technologies, and designs.

Project Manager: Miles Metcalfe

Project Team: Roger Rees, Bill Schaaf, Ruth Catlow, Remmert de Vroome, Adam Burt, Bahi Para.