Developing for Learning Design

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Lead Institution: Open University

Timescales: 01/05/06 - 31/10/07

Project website:

Aims and Objectives: Produce a stable Learning Design player to:

  • Provide access to LD courses for students
  • Integrate with LDs produced by other projects
  • Offer a component within the design for learning framework

Project Manager: Professor Martin Weller,The Open University,Institute of Educational Technology Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Project Team:

  • OUUK: Martin Weller, Project Director/Manager; Patrick McAndrew, academic advisor; Juliette White, developer; Alex Little,technical consultant
  • LHU: Mark Barrett-Baxendale, Partner lead/academic design; Amanda Oddie, content development and evaluation; Paul Hazlewood, evaluation/local implementation
  • OUNL:Rob Koper, Partner lead; Rob Nadolski, academic input; Hubert Vogten, co-ordinator developer; Harrie Martens, developer