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Lead Institution: University of Southampton

Timescales: May 2006 – Aug 2007

Project website: http://www.edit4l.soton.ac.uk:8081/

Aims and Objectives

The project will explore the use of the DialogPlus toolkit (DPT) and the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) individually and in tandem for designing, creating and delivering applications which support learning. It will investigate the issues surrounding, and the viability of, teaching staff engaging in pedagogic design; the support needed to ensure successful implementation and use of the design tools; and teachers' evaluation of their effectiveness.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Develop and deliver design for learning workshops, using DPT and LAMS, for academic and related staff at the Universities of Southampton and Warwick.
  • Develop and deliver a module on design for learning using DPT and LAMS for a University of Southampton MSc distance learning course aimed at school teachers.
  • Develop and deliver design for learning workshops using DPT and LAMS for the wider community of teachers and related staff in UK FE/HE.
  • Evaluate the usability and effectiveness of DPT and LAMS for the staff who design and implement learning activities at these workshops.
  • Identify success factors for embedding DPT and LAMS into staff development programmes.
  • Report on the outcomes of the workshops, the MSc module and the evaluation.
  • Disseminate the outcomes to the wider community.

Project Manager Paul Riddy, University of Southampton

Project Team

  • Karen Fill, University of Southampton
  • Mark Childs, University of Warwick
  • Graham Lewis, University of Warwick

Documents: http://www.edit4l.soton.ac.uk:8081/prj_docs/