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Lead InstitutionUniversity of Greenwich

Timescales: 01/10/06 – 31/12/07

Project website: http://www.gre.ac.uk/elidacamel/

eLIDA CAMEL Design Bash Poster October, 2007 (Link to Commentary)



'The eLIDA CAMEL Design for Learning Project aims to:

  • contribute to theme C) Implementing and evaluating learning design projects, in the JISC Design for Learning programme;
  • focus on strand (b) carrying out user evaluations on innovative tools with a learning design functionality.
  • collect case studies from 2-3 practitioners per post-16/HE institution and a DfL collaborative case study
  • train practitioners in using LAMS V1.1, and/or RELOAD, with examples for possibilities of integration into institutional VLEs, and/or with Moodle
  • set up a project team internal forum in Moodle
  • for LD-VLE integration, enable practitioners to understand which e-learning practices sit well within a learning design tool, and which are best integrated within a VLE.
  • train practitioners in principles of design for learning to develop their own sequences during Phase 1 of the project, in May-Oct, 2006. During this phase, the project will set up mentoring teams and a support mechanism for practitioners.


Project objectives are to:

  • collect a series of (1) individual and (2) collaborative case studies on the implementation and evaluation of tools and systems to support design for learning in a range of post-16/HE contexts;
  • enable practitioners in partner post-16/HE institutions to trial design for learning activity sequences and processes with their learners;
  • bring together practitioner design for learning work into the ‘CAMEL’ framework of a collaborative e-learning community organised with JISC infoNet supported by ALT;
  • enable the eLIDA CAMEL team to reflect on, synthesise and disseminate the results of the project to contribute national and international developments in learning design within a growing community of practice developed originally in the CAMEL JISC infoNet project.

Project Team

Project Director

Name: Dr Jill Jameson Position: Director of Research, School of Education, the University of Greenwich - http://www.gre.ac.uk/ j.jameson@gre.ac.uk

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