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Lead Institution: University of Cambridge

Timescales: 01/05/06 – 31/10/07

Project website:

Aims and Objectives

The project aims to capture a series of “real-world” learning designs through a review of existing mature reusable content to construct a learning design taxonomy and also through practitioner-focused workshops. These designs will then be piloted in three subject areas to create learning object exemplars. The exemplars will be evaluated for pedagogical effectiveness across a range of subjects by the RLO-CETL community of students and tutors using the RLO-CETL Evaluation Toolkit. The toolkit evaluates individual learning objects and has been designed to assure consistency across the three RLO-CETL institutions. Each stage will be documented with a full report. The project team will disseminate their findings as widely as possible, through the UCeL and RLO-CETL communities, the wider Design for Learning programme, HE Academy and Subject Centre communities and events, national conferences and international workshops and exchange visits.

Project Manager: Dawn Leeder, Reward & Development Manager, RLO-CETL, Cambridge

Project Team

  • Dr Raquel Morales, Eduserv Fellow in Collaborative e-Learning and RLO-CETL Evaluator, Cambridge
  • Dr Heather Wharrad, Reader in Education and Health Informatics, School of Nursing, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Richard Windle, Local Academic Co-ordinator, RLO-CETL, Nottingham

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