Supporting practitioners in producing IMS Learning Designs (LD4P)

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Lead Institution: Liverpool Hope University

Timescales: 1/6/06 - 30/11/07

Project website:

Aims and Objectives:

The aims of the project are:

  • 1. To develop an interface to an IMS LD authoring tool suitable for use by teaching practitioners
  • 2. To produce learning designs and investigate sharing of these

The objectives of the project are:

  • 1. To evaluate the RELOAD IMS LD editor in use with practitioners
  • 2. To produce a prototype user interface
  • 3. To investigate implementation of the user interface
  • 4. To produce IMS LD units of learning in a variety of situations
  • 5. To investigate re-use of IMS LD units of learning

Project Manager: Mark Barrett-Baxendale []

Project Team:

  • Lana Toma, Chalen Westaby (practitioners, Law)
  • Lawrence Phillips (practitioner, English)
  • Cathal O‚ÄôSiochru (practitioner, Psychology)
  • Marianne Green (practitioner co-ordination, St. Helens College)
  • Philip Beauvoir, Roy Cherian (RELOAD team)
  • Amanda Oddie (overall responsibility for practitioner support)
  • Roger Clark (technical)
  • Selwyn Lloyd (Phosphorix/technical)
  • Paul Hazlewood (advisor/practitioner support)
  • Jill Armstrong (advisor)
  • Tom Franklin (advisor/evaluation)

Any other information: Although the project seeks to work with all projects under the Design for Learning programme, it has a particular synergy with the Developing for LD project led by the OU.