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Getting started

This guide will give you a brief overview of how to log-in and use the Design for Learning programme support wiki & forum.

Getting started This guide will give you a brief overview of how to log-in and use the Design for Learning programme support wiki & forum.

If you would prefer to print off a handout, you can download a pdf document: [[1]] (1.21MB so may take a while to download)

One of the main reasons for using a wiki for the support pages is that wikis take a community based approach to web publishing and allow group editing of pages. That means that all projects can update their own page in the support wiki as and when they want to. It also means that the support team can respond quickly to needs from projects in setting up new pages for community areas of interest.


Anyone can view the wiki and forum, but to edit pages and post messages you need to register and create your own user name and password.

Enter all the details on the form including your chosen username and password. You might want to write them down somewhere in case you forget them.

To register, go to

Registration page
Registration page

Using the wiki

Once you have registered you can return to the wiki, and log in using the Log in link on the left hand side.

Log in link
Log in link

Enter your username and password - If you tick the ‘remember me’ check box you won’t need to re-enter your all details each time you visit the site (from the same computer).

Log in screen
Log in screen

Updating pages

Once you are registered, you will be able to edit some of the site pages. Following the general ethos of wikis, we expect the community to be self- moderating and that users only enter appropriate content to any of the pages on this wiki.

It’s fairly straightforward to update pages and add new content, files and links to other sites (perhaps new pages/reports on your own project website).

Go to the page you want to update. From the list of tabs running across the top of the page click on the ‘edit’ tab.

Edit tab
Edit tab

You’ll then be taken to a page that contains an editing box. Update this box with your new content, links etc. Before you publish the page, you can see a preview of it by clicking on the ‘show preview’ button underneath the editing box.

Show Preview button
Show Preview button

Once you are happy with your changes, click the ‘save page’ button and your page will be updated.

For more information on editing pages, see

Uploading files

All Projects have their own page on the wiki, and each of these has a 'Documents' link at the bottom of the page. As each project will have their own website, we would advise that you put any documents on your site and then link to it from the wiki. To do this, you would follow the instructions (above) for updating pages - edit your page and copy the url for your document into the wiki page. This is good practice in terms of version control (so you can update your original on your site and not have to amend the version on the wiki.)

We also suggest that you do this for files that you wish to discuss in the Forum, where you can add a file to your website and then post the url in the forum for comments.

Using the forum

(NB If you have registered for the wiki, you will be registered for the forum too. There’s no need to create another user name and password.)

You can access the forums either by following the link on the main page of the wiki or by going directly to


To post or read a message, click on the relevant topic heading (from the initial screen you can see how many posts are in that topic and when and who posted the latest message).

Forum page
Forum page

Select the message you want to read. If you want to reply to that message, click on the ‘post reply’ button at the bottom of the message:


Use the onscreen template to compose and send your message.

Compose a message
Compose a message

If you want to start a new discussion thread, then simply click on the ‘new topic’ button which is on the front page of the forum site, and at the bottom of each message:


There is a comprehensive FAQ available from the forum website – just click on the FAQ link on the box at the left hand side of the forum home page

Or you can use this url:

If you need any more help, then please contact the support team: email Lisa Corley or Sam Easterby-Smith